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Final Fantasy VII History

Final Fantasy VII is the seventh game in a series begun in 1988 by Square, Inc. that is now a well-known Role-Playing series. The Final Fantasy series was always traditionally set up with basic "classes" of characters in the odd-numbered versions, and the player would choose what "class" he wanted for his character. Final Fantasy VII was supposed to be like this, but it became more similar to both an even and odd-numbered Final Fantasy, as the even-numbered games focused on story, not classes. Final Fantasy VII is said to be a melding of the best of both types.

FF7 is unique in the fact that it is the first Final Fantasy to ever be 3D, and one of the longest in playtime. It's magic system, Materia, is a very interesting approach, and similar to FF2j's Spell system, in that the spells gain levels as they are used in battle. FF7 has also brought out an interesting new attribute to the FF series: futuristic fantasy. All of the previous FF games were set in a mideval era, but FF7 looks like it's set in the distant future even to us.

The game is similar to all Final Fantasies before it, but is not exactly like any one of them. Rather, it melds them all into a well-formed, well-rounded game in which the player can enjoy themselves and challenge themselves at the same time.

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